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Recycling scheme:

Scheme of recycling of secondary raw materials (plastics) to alternative liquid fuel, flammable gas and coal solid residue:

  1. Plastic shredder
  2. Loading the crushed plastic into the supply container
  3. Supply container
  4. Reactor
  5. Burners
  6. Burner oil tank for burners
  7. Chimney
  8. Block of the depolymerization steam-gas mixture
  9. Cooling of steam-gas mixture
  10. Cooling tower
  11. Dividing tank for depolymerization gas and liquid fractions
  12. Tank for non-condensed depolymerization (pyrolytic) gas
  13. Purification and drying of gas
  14. Compressor
  15. Compressed gas tank
  16. Separate filter for liquid fuel purification
  17. Tank for storage of liquid alternative fuel
  18. Container for the solid residue of the depolymerization process
  19. Control system