Ecological disposal of plastics

A.    The main advantages of ERVO 5 include:

  •  Technologies for ecological waste treatment
  •  Emission-free technology
  •  High products quality
  •  Production of electricity
  •  Fertilizer production – provides plants with the necessary micro-elements, keeps moisture in the soil
  •  Ensuring employment of men and women in the region


B.    Another advantages of ERVO 5 include:

  •  High yield of end products
  •  Continuous and automatic operation with simple operation
  •  High safety, environmental performance
  •  Low pressure technology
  •  Low temperature technology
  •  Non-combustion technology
  •  Hermetically sealed process without contact with the environment
  •  Meets European BAT conditions - is in line with the European waste recycling strategy


How is ERVO 5 different from its competitors?
1 / Continuous operation
2 / Multicyclic processing of waste materials
3 / Processes plastics, municipal waste, used tires, sewage sludge (except PVC)
4 / Emission-free technology
5 / Pressureless technology
6 / Non-incineration method - plastics are not combusted but decomposed at a temperature of max. 500 oC
7 / Simple operation of the ERVO 5 with a low number of employees
8 / High work safety
9 / Energy self-sufficiency in continuous operation
10 / High quality of final products
11 / Variability in the choice of final products (liquid product, gas, electricity, fertilizer)
12 / Innovative, world-unique technology that meets BAT (Best Available Technology)