Polymer Waste - today challenge

Recycling of secondary raw materials

Czech company ERVO EnviTech Ltd is engaged in the recycling of polymeric waste and secondary raw materials (plastics, tires) and the development and production of technological equipment for these purposes.

Our equipment is based on thermal depolymerization. The decomposition process of the polymers occurs in a low-pressure hermetically sealed environment without contact with atmospheric air.

The input is crushed plastics or crushed tires.

At the output of the depolymerization equipment we have three products:


1. Liquid alternative fuel with features near diesel fuel

Usage: into the manufacturing industry or for other commercial uses.


2. Depolymerization (pyrolytic) gas

Usage: after mechanical cleaning and drying it can be used as a high calorific fuel. Part of gas may be used to operate the plant itself, and part can be offered for sale or directing gas to a cogeneration unit for electricity and heat generation.


3. Solid carbon residue from which carbon black or activated carbon can be produced.

 Uses: as technical carbon black for the production of rubber compounds, can be offered to tire manufacturers. Activated carbon from carbon black is commonly used as a product for the disposal of ecological accidents on water or in road accidents, in the chemical industry, but has many other applications.

ERVO EnviTech Ltd offers investors innovative, forward-looking projects that make it possible to evaluate investments in a very advantageous way.